Sell Your Own Coaching Videos & Have Them Delivered by Amazon

Video setup serviceIf you have started your coaching or training program and are ready to profit from it online but have wondered where to put your exclusive videos that :

  1. Can be sold individually or as a training bundle (making it easy for you to make money again and again from the work you did one time)
  2. Can be easily delivered to your paying customers by the trusted leader in online product delivery – Amazon – with no effort on your part (you just keep the money paid to your bank account)
  3. Can be added to and securely stored in Amazons secure vault at low cost to you
  4. Can’t be distributed without your permission
  5. Would be hard for a thief to steal, tamper with or destroy

Then you want Amazon Web Services (AWS) and S3 Media Stream™.

With AWS combined with S3Media Stream™ you’ll be able to sell and distribute your training videos secure in the knowledge that the best, most trusted name in the digital delivery business has got your back.

If you already know you need AWS S3 click here to get it set up!

Why use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as opposed to Vimeo or YouTube.

What are the advantages?

  1. Complete control over the look and branding of the player.
  2. Better quality video and audio.
    Both Vimeo and YouTube compress your video autmatically to suit their needs. Compress videos to YOUR needs instead.
  3. No format constraints if your video has another format other than HD or Standard video. Both Vimeo and YouTube handle videos badly when they do not meet the requirements of those two standards.  Yet, for coaches and professionals it is often important to create screen captures that do not fit into these standards.
  4. Independency of the whims of Vimeo and YouTube.
    A Vimeo example: A visual artist sold her art videos via the Vimeo service. One day she found out that all her 480 videos were deleted and the account closed because of some visitor complaint about the content of a video.
    A YouTube example: the audio of a video was blocked because ‘someone’ complained the background music was stolen, while the owner of the video had bought it in a royalty free music library, using it according to the license fee.

AWS does NOT judge your content. They offer a service, not a moral or policing adjustment bureau. And S3Media Stream doesn’t even know what you publish, it is just software.


1. Usage of bandwidth on AWS, generally a few dollars(literally) per month (often $5 or less)

We can help you out

If you are ready to get your training program online where you can profit right away AND you don’t want the hassle and lengthy time commitment it will take to learn how to set up your account, get your videos uploaded and ready for delivery, here’s what we offer:

The Gold Standard Video Platform

What you get:

S3Media Stream - AWS - on Joomla or WordPress

  1. Setup of your own ready to go Amazon S3account
  2. S3 Media Stream license (makes videos download smoothly from Amazon to customers and protects your content from copying and leeching same time)
  3. JW player (award winning online video/audio player)
  4. Installation of up to 10 of your exclusive audios and videos

Just $369

Detailed info on what you get

Detailed info on what you get

  1. We setup the AWS account for private RTMP streaming, making sure that all security aspects are according to standard industry.
    We also make sure that any media you upload later on are set automatically to private so that they can be accessed only via your site, nowhere else.
  2. We upload up to 10 videos or audios on your AWS account.
  3. If needed, we set up an online video converter to make sure your media are compatible with samsung and iPad tablets. The converter also creates a set of poster images to use on your site as the first image the visitor sees when the video player shows up in your page.
  4. We publish the media on your site, within the constraints of the template you choose for WordPress or Joomla, making use of the S3Media Stream plugin for private streaming.
  5. Finally, we give you a full year support using AWS CloudFront and Elastic Transcoder.

What we need from you to start up

What we need from you to start up

  1. We need your audios/videos. You can upload them via DropBox or any free download service you like. Maximum Ten(10) audios or videos and maximum 2GB in total.
  2. We need up to ten posts or pages on WordPress to publish the media. These posts need titles and preferably a short text that preceeds the video or audio. This is important for SEO/search engine ranking.
  3. A list of video/audio names with the corresponding post/page titles, so that we know where to publish them.
  4. Access to your AWS account. You can change login and password when we are done.
  5. Super administrator Access to the admin section of your WordPress or Joomla site. You can change login and password when we are done.

What this plan does not cover

What this plan does not cover

Although it is possible to ask for additional support which can be discussed during our first contact, the following features are not covered:

  1. We only publish in the default posts and pages on WordPress or Joomla, no custom page plugins unless they accept shortcodes from other plugins.
  2. We do not cover the costs you incur via the Amazon Web Services. They are automatically deducted from your credit card each month. Generally, this is only a few dollars per month and we can advise you on minimizing the cost to an absolute minimum.
  3. We do not edit videos or audios, the plan only covers conversion for private streaming.
  4. We do not setup a membership system but we can advise you which one to use in your case.
  5. We do not write posts for you or set up categories, adapt themes or intervene in any other way then proposed in the “What do you get” section.

We do not accept videos/audios in installments.  If you are unable to deliver all media in one go, we only process the first batch. Therefore it is important that you only send us a link to your download service (dropbox or any service you prefer) when they are all uploaded, so that we can work fast and efficient.